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Why I am leaving threads

Hi there!

So this week I decided that I would no longer use Threads as a social media fact I am doing a whole overhaul of my social media.


When Threads started it seemed to gain lots of traction really quickly. This is because anyone already following you on Instagram would be added automatically. At first it seemed to be a lovely way of seeing the 'behind the scenes' of other artists and it would be a nice community for people to join.

However for me, it quickly turned sour as my whole feed seemed to be people arguing, rudeness, as well as complaining about everything under the sun. I quickly found that Threads were deliberately showing posts that were the most reaction inducing opinions and the most controversial things seemed to be getting to the top of the feed.

If you are going to spend time on social media, I think it is really important to review it from time to time and ask yourself 'is this where my ideal customer is hanging out?'

If not, it can quickly become a time suck with no benefit to you as a small business owner. You want to spend time building a social media where your customer is and ensuring you add value in the right place.

So for me, I am abandoning my Threads, my Linked in that I never log on to, my Reddit that I thought would be good for their art forums (it was as bad as Threads!) and focusing on the places where my customers are...and that is Instagram and Pinterest.

I think it totally makes sense to focus on one or two places and get them working well, as so often we spread ourselves too thin. Reviewing and changing my ideal customer last week really made me realise that jumping on new trends was not serving the people I want to attract and for me that is the key to deciding where to put my energy.

What do you think?

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Have a great day!

Kat Xx


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