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Tips for preparing for a podcast

Here are a few tips for planning and being a guest on a podcast, so you can feel prepared not scared! Please see last weeks blog for how to pitch to a podcast and become a guest.

Always turn off all devices and do updates on your laptop ahead of time so you don't get a notification or beeping noise half way through! That includes not turning on your dishwasher or anything else that makes a background noise, even low level. You want it to be as quiet as possible.

Make sure you grab a big glass of water for speaking as your voice will go dry when you are nervous and speaking for a long time. Try and sing along to a couple of songs before you sign in to your meeting, so your voice is warmed up and less likely to crack up.

Avoid coffee directly before hand which can raise anxiety levels. A treat for afterwards!

Make sure you fully research the person you are speaking to, know a few key things about them and what they do so that you can talk to them in a relatable way and ask them questions about them.

If your meeting is on Zoom, ensure you log in at least 10 mins before and check everything is working. Assume you will be on video the entire time even if its audio only.

Be clear about why you are on the pod and what your 'angle' will be for example starting a business in middle age, starting a business while being a mum...what are you talking about and why. Be clear and have an end goal for how you want it to go.

Make sure you have a link, freebie or something for potential customers to get involved with. Ideally you want to add people to your mailing list or at least on your social media pages.

Overall, have fun and enjoy the opportunity!

Let me know if you have any experiences on podcasts and any tips you have learned!


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