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How to get on a podcast

Hi there,

So this week I was fortunate to be a guest on a podcast and I thought I would share how I was able to do so.

  1. Start by thinking about your ideal audience and the customers you want to attract. Where do they hang out and what podcasts do they listen to? You can either choose to pitch to podcasts who your ideal customer would listen to (so I could choose a mum podcast or interior design podcast) or you could pitch to another artists podcasts to build up connection and build awareness of your brand.

  2. Gather a list of 10-15 ideal podcasts your would like to get on. The research is what will take time. Once you have a list prepared, it's literally a case of sending them an email asking if you could be a guest.

  3. You need to consider what you will do for that person, so your email should clearly state your story, why you want to be on and why you think that person is a great fit for you. Be polite and send it off. Expect to not hear anything back from a first email.

  4. Two weeks later, you need to send a follow up email. This will literally be a message to say 'Hi there, just checking in to make sure you got my first email. If you would like me to guest on your podcast I would be delighted to hear from you'

  5. When you pitch to people you have to understand they are busy and it is highly likely they forgot to reply or didn't open the first email, so the follow up is so important. People rarely say yes after one email so don't be disheartened.

  6. After another week you should get a couple of YES but if not don't worry. It is no reflection on you. Go back to stage 2 and keep finding new podcasts to ask. The right people will say yes so its a case of keeping going and trying in stages.

  7. If they say yes, result! Ask them to confirm a time and date that suits you both, and also ask if they want to ask any particular questions ahead of time. Exciting stuff!

  8. Finally make sure you have something to tell their audience about. Is there an offer you could share with their audience? Can you make a freebie that you could share with their audience? If you get stuck on this point feel free to message me! Pop on to the blogs next week where I will give you my top tips for how to prepare once they say yes!


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