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Time blocking

This week I wanted to talk about time blocking and how it can really help to ensure you get things moving in your business.

Time blocking is very simply writing your usual to do list but then setting it to a specific time. So instead of giving yourself 3 things to do, you would split it into 9am do task 1, 11am do task 2 and so on.

This increases the likelihood of tasks getting completed and it also means that we don't spend ages on one task. Research has found that we will tend to fill our time with a job no matter how much time we have. So if I had all day to write this blog I could spend all day on it, or I could give myself a 15 minute window and then really have to think about the essence of what I want to say without procrastinating and getting distracted by other things like phone calls coming in or social media doom scrolling, which we allll do!

So you can either do this very simply by starting to add times to your existing to do list or if you are like me you need everything planned to the second, I recommend looking at getting a time block planner. I use the legend planner and it gives me a full time block page each week so I can literally write down each half an hour of my day.

For someone who doesn't have a boss breathing down my neck this sure does work in terms of getting me to focus on specific things, tick them off and move on.

It also allows me to prioritise my list for example which things on the list are sale generating activities? Which are the most important? Try to aim for completing 3 tasks a day so you don't get overwhelmed, then everything else is a bonus!

Have you tried time blocking?

Let me know!


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