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Journaling for brain clarity!

Hi there,

This week I have been doing alot of journaling and it got me thinking about journaling and the creative process. I started writing morning pages (2-3 sides of A4) most days after listening to the audiobook version of Julia Camerons 'The Artist Way' book.

In it she recommends doing these pages daily as well as taking yourself out on a date each week and spending time really thinking about the work before you even start painting.

It's a brilliant book and has really helped me get clear on what I need to do. Here are three ways it has helped me:

  • Gratitude: I often find that by writing things down that have happened, I can appreciate them in a deeper way. I aim to write down 3 gratitude points a day so I can focus on the best things and keep positive no matter what else is happening around me

  • Brain Clarity: By writing things down, it becomes less all inside your own head and finally feels like you can organise your thoughts better. This has made me feel less stressed and alot more clear on what I need to do throughout my day

  • More Productivity: By really having to examine why I am doing things and writing out my plans, I have noticed I get out of my own way alot more. I am not constantly doubting myself as I can write out a plan and rewrite if it doesn't feel right. It has made me more in tune with how I am really thinking and feeling.

Do you journal? Let me know how you find it!


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