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Navigating school holidays and your art biz

Hey all, if anyone else is trying to navigate the summer break and your art business, here are a few things that helped me and might help you!

- Time blocking and focused time. I usually set my kids up with a film in the morning, do 90 mins of work and then take them out the rest of the day. The deal is they give me the space to work with the agreement that we then go out the rest of the day and my phone stays off.

- Just one thing. Each evening I write down the one most important thing I need to do for my biz and make sure that is done. If I can do more, great, but I don't beat myself up. One thing a day is still progress.

- Setting expectations with emails. Just this week I sent an email saying I am off with my kids so I will get you the copy you need by Friday, so I make sure they know I have seen it and I will be working on it but its gonna take a couple of days longer that normal. Most people are totally understanding as long as you communicate clearly.

- Let go of the parent guilt. Not every day will go well and sometimes it will turn into a complete shit show. Just start again the next day and keep plodding forward. It won't last forever!

I really hope that helps! Let me know how you are finding it all so far!

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