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3 tips to feel more confident as an artist

Hey there,

So a few people have said recently the thing they struggle with the most is confidence in themselves and in their work.

This can't be solved in three tips of course, as its a process of learning and growing that happens over time, but I hope these three things will give you a starting point to begin from. I have really found in my own business that the other side of fear is often so much joy and reward.

1 Comparison

Social media can often make us feel like everyone has got it together and is way ahead of where you want to be. But you never know what people have got in their back pockets in terms of experience and relevant skills. One of the coaches that I follow in my business was explaining that her husband had recently opened an Etsy store and made a million in the first year....but this is because she already has decades of experience and already owns two successful handmade businesses worth millions each. She has decades of hard work behind her....We don't all start from the same place and that's ok. Start where you are, use what you have, and keep moving forward. The only thing you need to do is be better than you were yesterday.

2 Tiny steps

Trying to do too much at once can lead to total overwhelm...and that in turn can knock your confidence. Building up small wins can lead to more confidence and more proof that you can do it. Set yourself tiny challenges like recording a short video of your work or writing that Instagram post you have been putting off. Write one Etsy listing. Watch one Youtube tutorial. Tiny steps will lead to huge achievements over time and before you know it you will look back and wonder how you got to where you are!

I was a guest on a podcast this week for the first time, something that did scare me to do but I am so glad it's done. There is no way I would have considered it had I not decided to show my face on my Instagram account about 18 months ago, then pushed myself to do video reels where I talk to camera for the last year or so. Each small step that I took through fear and doubt lead me to bigger and more exciting opportunities, which will bring me more traffic to my website, more sales and more exposure for my work. It all adds up over time.

3 Social proof

Social proof can be things like reviews, awards, magazine features, pictures of your work in customers homes or even simply having a website or Etsy store. It shows that you are serious about your art and that other people see you as an artist, even if you don't feel like one yourself yet. The more social proof you get, the more the dreaded imposter syndrome will dissapate. When your brain tells you 'nobody likes my art' you can look back and think hang on... these ten people left me a nice review! So at least 10 people disagree with this statement and in fact do like your art! The more this happens, the more your confidence will flourish.

I hope those quick tips give you some ideas to think over. For more help and advice do consider joining my membership. For £9.99 a month you can come into a private community of artists and get the benefit of all of my knowledge and experience built up thus far.

I have worked in customer service and sales for 20 years and run my business for 4. I will be explaining step by step exactly what I have done in my business in a fun and friendly way. I hope to see you there and look forward to supporting your journey. Link is here

Kat Xx


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