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My top 5 influential artists

Hey all,

Hope all is well out there! This week I am answering the question who are your most influential artists?

So here are my top 5:

Georgia O'Keeffe- Painting flowers, skulls and desert life in beautiful muted colours, Georgia leaned in to capturing the incredible beauty of nature and forces you to really look at it with fresh eyes. I remember drawing and copying her work in sketch books at school and wanting to be just like her!

Marianne North- Marianne was a botanist who travelled the world alone in Victorian times. She painted what she saw and brought back plants from across the globe. A fascinating story and a gorgeous, little known artist.

Roy Lichenstein- I remember seeing his work in the Tate gallery in London when I was in my early 20s and absolutely loving his graphic clean style. It was the first time I thought comic book style art could be seen as fine art.

M.C Escher- Even though his style is nothing like mine his drawing skill and incredible worlds really stick with me as a huge inspiration. His ability to create so much depth was amazing.

Henri Matisse- His bold and beautiful style continues to inspire me today. My favourite piece is of goldfish in a glass bowl. I just love everything about it!

My other influences are mainly street art and the bold graphic style you find there, particularly Shepard Fairey and David Flores. I also love Keith Haring and am currently loving Wanda Comri.

Who are your favourites? Do you have any artists that really inspire you today?

Let me know in the comments!


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