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3 tips for sharing your art online

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

Hey hows it going?

So you have made some art and are ready to share...but it also feels completely terrifying to do so!! Here are three things to bear in mind which will get you from scared to prepared.

1 Friends and Family might not respond how you would like...and that is ok! One of the big things I have heard from other creatives is that family and friends are not as supportive as you would hope, or even outright unsupportive. The thing to bear in mind here is that they are coming from their own lens and they might believe that artistic success is not possible, perhaps they have given up their own creative dreams and therefore don't want you to feel the same pain of things not working out, or maybe they just don't 'get' your art.

Remember that they are not your target audience and that there ARE people out there who will support you and love what you do. Some of my customers cheerlead for me in a way some of my family never have, and that is ok. If they support you that is great but if they don't, let that be the catalyst that drives you forward to undeniable, massive success!

2 You can start in a safe way... When I first started sharing my art, I used Instagram only. Unlike Facebook where you are mostly relying on your existing social circle and it can feel super exposing to do, Instagram can be quite anonymous. You don't have to use your real name, and with relevant hashtags like #brightcolourfulart #linedrawing #botanicalart you can reach people across the world who are seeking exactly your style. There are billions of people in this world and we no longer have to rely on that one exclusive gallery down the road. You will have fans out there, no matter what you create. Try finding and following other artists with similar styles to see what they are doing and what type of person is attracted to your style.

3 What is the cost of not doing it? A big thing for me was that I had not pursued my art dreams for 16 years and so I really felt like if not now, then when was I going to do this? I didn't want to look back in another 16 years with regret. Don't die with your music still in you, as the quote goes. The short term pain of sharing something that feels scary is way easier than the pain of not trying. I put my paintbrush down for 16 years and I will not do that again. Even if nobody else likes what you create, make it for you and share it generously. The world needs more art in it and so try and reframe it as a service to society, not a burden on it.

Good luck and let me know how you get on! Tag me in your posts @plantbasedpaintings and I will happily share your work in my stories so you can get seen by my audience too.

All the love,

Kat Xx

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