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Hey there! Welcome to Plant Based Paintings, where I create joyful, uplifting art for happy homes.

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Podcasts and Ponds...

There are loads of exciting things going on right now that I am so excited to share! I have been extremely fortunate to be a podcast guest on two amazing shows recently. I am working on a brand new houseplant themed collection and am working on a new course helping other artists find their passion! I can't wait!

In the garden, me and the kids have been building small water features from old tin baths. We are absolutely amazed at how much wildlife and inspiration it is bringing with it on a daily basis. Absolutely teaming!

To have a listen to my most recent podcast interview and hear my story, click here or scroll down to browse my artwork....enjoy! Love Kat Xx

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'Wow! What a fabulous business, a pleasure from start to finish. Speedy delivery, good price and exceptional product...will be buying again'

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Three reasons to stop and shop at PBP

As a one woman band, my work brings me so much joy and enables me to work around my family, something I am very grateful for. I hope I can pass that joy to you!

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Every order over £3 plants a tree in the Amazon Rainforest thanks to my partnership with One Tree Planted.

I have a lifetime goal of planting 10,000 trees and I know it will happen with your help!

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No pointless plastic here... My aim is to reduce packaging; keeping it minimal, pretty and as eco friendly as possible. I am proud to be part of the Plymouth Plastic Free Business Directory 

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In my previous career I was trained by a blue chip company who are world renowned for great service. I was fully trained and qualified in customer service and I bring that knowledge to all of my orders now.

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