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New social platform: Threads. Should artists join?

Hey there,

So today Meta has launched Twitter rival, Threads. A social media platform which is mainly text based, but you are also able to add photo and video if you wish.

The pros

So the great thing about Threads so far is that if you are on Instagram you can pretty seamlessly move across to Threads, it will import contacts over and so I have started today with 50+ followers before I have even got properly into it.

The nice things about it are its a calmer platform to scroll around on. There are some pics and videos but it is mainly text based and conversational. This means it might be a good place to create community with other artists and be able to unleash your creative writing rather than your art. There is also the fact that there are no sponsored ads and so engagement is quite high. As a new platform Meta will be keen for us to see good results with it so our posts will get seen.

The cons

If you are an artist you want things to be well...visual! You want to show off your art which is why I have never joined Twitter. Also Twitter and Threads as platforms are very short term in the sense of how long your posts last for. So many people are posting so you need to post alot to get eyes on you, unless you go viral of course, which is not something to assume will ever happen.

As with all platforms it is a bit of a time suck and at the moment it doesn't look like there are ways to schedule posts so you can post and run when you are busy. It feels like you could end up in lengthy conversations with other artists rather than connecting with a buying audience, and after all your time is money when you are running a small business.

So what do you think? Will you be joining?

I have joined on to see how it goes and will let you know my thoughts!

Let me know if you have logged on too!


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