• Kat

Forever Florals: Making pressed flower cards

A great craft to do with kids or something satisfying and calming to do for yourself

This week the garden became abundant with primroses and we happened to see a BBC programme where they featured this pressed flower card idea. I think they turned out great and the cards were very well received by our mothers and grandmothers!

We picked a mixture of primroses and daffodils but I have to say the thinner more delicate primroses won the day!

As you can see my girls loved customising their pressed flowers, drawing vases and using stickers to make them come to life.

The Pressing Method

We picked the flowers and dried any dew or moisture off with kitchen towel, then put them between two sheets of loo roll to protect the book. We put them carefully inside the front page and then stacked lots of big heavier ones on top. You can also use a flower press if you are feeling fancy. We left ours for one week but the longer you can leave it the better, a couple of months would be ideal. The longer you can resist touching them, the longer they will last, as the moisture is drawn out of them fully. You can see framed pressed flowers in museums and galleries going back centuries so they really can go the distance if prepared properly.

The Big Reveal

It was wonderful to see the kids faces light up when they opened the book and saw how flat and delicate the primroses had become! We used folded printer paper, felt tips, a glue stick and stickers to create our designs but obviously you can customise yours as much as you like. My late Auntie used to press flowers and I remember making book marks with her by sticking the flowers down on stiff card and then covering with transparent sticky backed plastic. You could also use them to cover journals or to make art which will be preserved beautifully once framed.

So there you go! Have you pressed flowers before or would you like to have a try? Tell me in the comments how you get on! If you prefer something a little less handmade, you can have a browse at my floral art cards here or to ensure you don't miss any future blog posts click here to subscribe. Thank you!