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Bright Fun Art : Reviewing Baker Ross Easter crafts

Updated: Apr 18

Hi, thanks for joining me! I bought three Easter craft kits for my kids this week from Baker Ross. This isn't a sponsored post and I am not working for them, however I do really like their crafting kits and supplies, they have a huge range of stuff to entertain kids and I do get a little bit excited when their catalogue drops through the door!

I decided to stick to an Easter vibe even though they do have plenty of themes to choose from. I will review all three and see which one came out on top!

Kit 1: Easter Pom Pom Art Kit

I had high hopes for the pom pom art kit as the pictures looked really good. There were 5 templates in the pack which is a good number although a bit of a headache when you have two kids to share it between. There were plenty of pom poms for the job and curiously a tiny pair of chopsticks to pick them up with. We soon ditched those in favour of fingers and started gluing pom poms to the templates (lamb, chick and egg designs). Frustrated at the lack of adhesiveness I realised after the first template was half complete that they had a peel off backing and that we didn't need glue at all! Some instructions or directions would have come in handy here. The kids were happy after that and it was a good 30 minutes of quiet entertainment for them. We stuck them on our mantlepiece and unfortunately after a few days the pom poms have started to fall off, so I would recommend leaving their designs somewhere flat and not hanging them up anywhere for display. Overall I am giving this one a 3/10

Kit 2: Easter Egg Dotty Decorations

This one was already off to a flying start as there were 12 egg templates in the bag, so 6 for each child and no arguments about it! The kit consisted of the black and white egg templates, multicoloured ribbon and lots of sheets of colourful stickers for them to apply. I have to say this one was a gift that kept on giving as they actually needed two crafting sessions to complete them all. It was great value and really kept them busy. They stuck the rainbow coloured stickers on the eggs and tied the ribbon themselves so it was minimal effort from me and there are loads of stickers left over for other Easter crafts. I was able to finish a cup of tea in peace while they beavered away. 10/10

Kit 3: Flower Suncatcher Decorations

I try to buy kits that won't just go in the bin afterwards and can be hung up or used as home decorations through the year, so I thought these suncatchers would be nice as I will happily display them on the kids bedroom windows once completed. These were nice to use, plastic instead of glass obviously so kiddy safe. Again they came with ribbon to hang them up and there were an even 8 pieces in the pack. One thing to note though is that it actually cost me a bit more than expected as you need to buy the glass markers to go with them. Normal felt tip did work initially, but rubbed off quite easily. They were a little small to try and decorate and I would have liked to see them in a bigger size, however they provided some fun and look really nice when the sun shines through. A solid 7/10 for these ones.

The Verdict

So clearly the winner is the Dotty Eggs! I loved these because not only were they entertaining for the kids but we have hung them up on my fairy lights so they are providing pretty Easter decoration. I can even put them away and bring out again next year. Reducing waste is always a bonus. All the kits are in plastic bags with a cardboard front so packaging is quite minimal and they are fairly cost effective to buy. I think all three kits plus postage were just over £20, so for the sake of a few hours crafting time that is not bad.

So there you go, I hope you found this helpful and are ready to get crafting! I am not affiliated with Baker Ross and this blog is purely for entertainment purposes. If you would like to check out my own Easter art such as my daffodil and tulip cards you can check those out here while stocks last. If you enjoyed this blog and don't want to miss a future post, please head here to subscribe, or comment below and tell me what you think! Have a wonderful Easter!