• Kat

Carbon neutral artist!

Updated: Oct 3, 2021

I'm so thrilled to tell you that my printer, Dstudio is now officially a carbon neutral supplier. I am delighted that they have been able to reach this milestone and I also love that they offer a range of sustainable papers, such as the Eco Bamboo, which you can find in my shop.

When you receive a print it is packed in bags that feel like plastic but are made from plant material and can be widely recycled. I recently needed to pack my cards for a local shop and have found Nativia film to wrap them in. It looks and feels like cellophane, but again is made from sugar cane and other plants. No plastic used and you can pop it straight into a compost bin where it will degrade naturally.

It used to be hard to find eco friendly options but it is getting easier and cheaper to do so.

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All the love

Kat Xx