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How to start an art biz on Etsy- 5 quick tips to give you the edge

Hello! Thanks for joining me again!

I started my art business on Etsy initially, and although now I mainly sell through my website, I feel like it is the perfect platform for those starting out.

However most people don't realise you can't just upload some pics and wait for the sales to roll takes a little more work to get seen. The reality is, many sellers can wait months, even up to a year, for their first sale to come in and that can make you feel like giving up at the first hurdle.

Here are my top 5 things to maximize your chances of making sales:

  • Photography. Professional photography is ideal but if you are just starting out on a budget make sure your work is shot on a clean white background with indirect bright light. If your product is small, consider getting a light box which will give you a perfect clean look, or roll out some wallpaper on a table with some fresh flowers dotted around the edges. For larger art work such as prints and originals, consider using an art app such as @artrooms where you can copy paste your art into a beautiful and stylish interior scene. If all else fails I know one maker who uses her bathtub to shoot her items in! Shiny white and perfectly lit, it gives a surprisingly perfect backdrop for small items. Make sure it is spotlessly clean and dry of course!

  • Make sure your full profile is filled out. You would be surprised how many people do not do this. Keep your description short and easy to read with clear postage times, what it is you do and the header and logo section all completed. If you don't have a logo any picture of your work is better than a blank, unfinished area.

  • Etsy show you sales number to the world and it can be hard to get customers to buy when you have no sales and no reviews. Most people start off selling to friends and family so don't just take their cash, put it through Etsy and get them to give you a review. You will lose a couple of pence in fees versus a cash sale but building up that social proof is essential.

  • Get your tags in order! Make sure you use all the tags available and that they are relevant to your product. Ensure your business name is one of the hashtags so if people type your business in it will come straight up. There is a website called Erank which will rate all of your Etsy tags for you, and give you a rating based on how good your listing is. Not only that it will give clear suggestions on how to get seen. It's fab and free!

  • Drive your own sales. It is not enough to hope Etsy shows you off, you need to shout about it too! Make sure your Etsy link is in your Instagram bio and on all of your social media posts so people know exactly where to shop. You can also download Etsy social and post every time you launch a new product, which really helps you get seen.

I hope these five points help you up your Etsy game and you see some results! Let me know in the comments if so :D

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Kat Xx