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5 artists who disprove the starving artist myth

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

Hi guys, I have decided to start blogging again after a bit of a break and will be answering common questions floating around on the internet! This week I answer...

"What do you dislike about the art world?"

Ok so let's be honest, I really don't like the whole mentality of starving artists and that creative people have to suffer, struggle or work for free. There are a ton of amazing artists, makers, growers, sewers and writers who ARE absolutely killing it. Now we have the internet it is totally possible to find your audience and grow your creative business!

Here are five ladies who are totally proving creative success is possible:

Sophie Tee Fine Artist

Stephanie Rose Freeman Artist and business coach

Mei Pak (Creative Hive) Jewellery maker and handmade business coach

Inspired to Write Writer and motivational teacher

Who would you add to the list?

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