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Claiming the title- five things I learned this week

Hi, thanks for being here! For those that stumbled across this and don’t know me, I’m Kat and I run an art business in Plymouth, England, selling bright coloured botanical art.

I am starting a blog about my journey from being made redundant on maternity leave to becoming an artist. Whether you are already a creative person or you are considering ditching the 9-5, I hope my story and experiences will help others on a similar path. I will try to keep most of them to a 'quick tip' format so they are short, sweet and informative.

Last week I did a free online training course with @maddy.shine who helps business owners get seen on Google. Here are five unexpected realisations from taking the course:

  • I rarely show my face on Instagram as I feel self conscious, but actually the accounts that I love the most out there all show up as themselves and are vulnerable and’s easier to relate to a person rather than a disembodied hand painting a picture, and people buy from people! I realise I need to show up a bit more on the grid, even with my windswept school run hair and no make up! Are you showing up on your social media? Or are you a hider like me?

  • I didn’t paint for 16 years after dropping out of my university course, and I will tell my story another time, but basically it was a big knock to my confidence and it took a long time to post my work online without feeling sick and especially get comfortable calling myself an artist. In conversation I was a ‘stay at home mum’ or I did art ‘as a hobby’ even though I was working hard and making sales. I realised this week that I have been an artist for a while now and need to step into that role and be more confident...and claim the title of artist fully. I invite you to do the same, whether you have created one piece of art or thousands! YOU ARE AN ARTIST! :D

  • Doing training courses, even short, online free ones can really change the game. There is nothing like a good teacher to make you think in a different way and see things from a fresh perspective. So many revelations throughout the week! If you need a shake up there are plenty of people out there willing to give taster sessions or tips, so find what resonates with you and go all in!

  • I realised there I things I know that maybe new artists starting out don’t know and I can pass on that knowledge. I have always tried to help other small businesses with sharing and shout outs, but hopefully this will be a better way of showing up for you, as I will try to make it easy to find the tips and help you need quickly and easily. When I began I remember seeing so many polished and successful artists but no pathway to get there. I hope I can be the person I needed when I started!

  • I actually really love writing and I forgot how nice it is to just get all my thoughts down and into the world. After all, writing is just as creative as painting. I hope if I enjoy writing it, someone will enjoy reading it too, and I can be the spark that ignites someone else to do what they love and show up for themselves. If you have a question or something you need help with, please let me know and I will do my best to answer it or point you towards someone who can.

I have not revealed any of the actual training here, but I totally recommend checking out Maddy Shine. She is an expert in SEO which is your visibility on Google and can get your website seen. Usually a dry subject but she makes it super fun and as you can see I got loads out of it. If you need help with your visibility online, there is a zoom training on tonight (4th October 2021) so if there are spaces left, totally try to get on and I might see you there!

I will be posting my blog every Monday on my website and Patreon. If you want to follow along, please subscribe here. My subscribers not only get 10% off everything on my site but are entered into a monthly print giveaway. I am also about to reveal what my Christmas loyalty bonus will be this year...and it’s mega!

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All the love,

Kat Xx