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5 inspiring teachers on instagram

Hey there,

Here are my five favourite teachers and motivators on Instagram who really helped me get my business started with their words and mindset. Let me know who inspires you!

1 Gary Vee @garyvee

Gary is all about the message that is never too late in life to build a business. He promotes having patience, gratitude, a mentality of abundance and how you can be kind and still become successful. He really destroys the idea of ruthless business practises and has some fantastic short videos that will help inspire you to get going.

2 Mei Pak (Creative Hive) @creativehiveco

Mei is the owner of Tiny Hands jewellery and runs training courses helping people get their small handmade businesses off the ground. As well as being on Instagram, she runs the friendly and supportive Creative Hive Facebook group and has an absolute must watch Youtube channel where she literally takes you step by step through the process of going from hobby to business in no time. She is warm, funny and encouraging throughout and really makes you feel like you have a mentor through the first few years of self doubt and winging it.

3 Pam Duthie @pamduthieetsy

Pam isn't that active on IG, however do seek her out via the handle above to find her Youtube channel. She is an absolute wealth of information on Etsy and is always ahead of the curve in terms of new Etsy trends, how to get seen on there and some tried and tested secrets to success. If you sell on Etsy, you need to be following Pam. Plus she has lovely hair and makes cute needlefelt animals. Win win.

4 Amie McNee @inspiredtowrite

As you can tell from these blogs I am no writer, however it doesn't matter. She is often seen holding signs up on Instagram reminding us how important our creative journey is, whether you are an artist, writer or maker. So many times I have been having a down day and see her posts and think...yes this is possible! She is really open and honest about the ups and downs of the creative process and also runs an entertaining and informative podcast.

5 Maddie Shine @maddy.shine

Maddie is an SEO expert and the reason I started writing blogs. She runs training courses aimed at getting small business owners to become visible on Google and helps find the backdoor keys to getting seen online. She demists the tech jargon effortlessly, has a ton of personality, glorious outfits, a fab podcast and some wonderful Youtube videos called Gin and Magic, where she interviewed a ton of women all running businesses around various life challenges. I binged the whole thing and fell in love with her immediately.

So those are some great people to follow if you need a boost to keep you believing that art or creativity is a possible career path! To read more of my blogs, general ramblings and a chance to win one of my prints every month, subscribe right here right now.

All the love,

Kat Xx