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5 free tools your creative business needs

Whether you are just starting out or have been selling your art for a while, you probably want to keep costs to a minimum in order to create more profit and keep your prices fair. Here are five free tools that I use in my business that I could not be without!

  • Canva. Canva is a free graphic design platform where you can create really good looking logos, social media posts and pro looking presentations. You can upload your own photos and paste them in to make sure it is unique to you. I recently updated all of my IG stories with it and it looks so much better! I have also been making Pinterest posts and blog headers that are way more eye catching than simply uploading a picture of my work. If you are willing to pay for add ons, you can save your brand colours so that it always looks consistent, and unlock extra designs. Link here

  • SERPmojo is a free tool for mobile where you can enter the keywords you would like to rank for on Google and it tells you where your website is. You want to be at 1 of course, but between 1-10ish will mean you are on the front page. Once you know where you are you can improve it with keywords added to your site or by writing blogs (like this one!) and adding your keywords to tags. Get more traffic to your site and more eyes on your work! Link here

  • Erank for ranking on Etsy and maximising tags. A brilliant tool which will give your listings a rating based on how well the listing will perform. 'A rated' means your listing is as good as it can be, B or lower means there is work to be done, but it shows you exactly what to do to remedy it. It even tells you what is trending so you can jump on the most relevant ones! It doesn't guarantee you will be on the front page but it will help you get seen by your ideal customers. Link here

  • Dropbox is for cloud storage, meaning it is stored outside of your laptop or phone and can be accessed by multiple devices. Get images to sync straight from your smartphone to your laptop. Create files for family, work and everything else. I couldn’t be without this one, as soon as I take a photo I know it will be on my laptop ready for editing within a few minutes! Link here

  • Gimp like Photoshop, but totally free. There are lots of Youtube tutorials out there to get you started too. Allows you to edit and rescale your work which is needed so often, especially with print on demand work or press collaborations where you will be asked to submit work in a specific format and size. I typed gimp into my search engine so you don't have to see anything you might not want to! Ha ha! Use the link here

Ok I said 5 but a bonus entry...

  • Google Drive Free cloud storage for spreadsheets and word documents. So useful, I write all my blogs on it, do all my accounts on it too. It autosaves and you can access it from your phone or another device. If your laptop suddenly died the day before you do your tax return, it would all still be there for you! Phew! To find it go to your Google account and find the square of dots in the right hand corner. Your drive account is already there waiting to be discovered and utilised!

Are there any here you already use or some more free programmes you would like to add? Let me know in the comments!

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